That Small Voice

It is winter; the locks on the doors tend to be stiffer. But the lock on the back door could not be opened from the outside with the key.  I found that out the hard way. Thoughts of getting a locksmith hung in my mind. They might want to change the lock and it was one I really liked. Old fashioned, efficient. A sturdy handle and a bolt lock.  

Then that small voice reminded me: WD40.  Got the can, and squirted in every lock orifice that was available. Within seconds, the lock was loosened. Good. Another pesky job taken care of. At the most minimal charge possible; WD40 is always in the house. 

Little did I know at the time, how important this attention might be.

Within days, going out the kitchen storm door as I have done for 29 years, I hustled to hang the freshly filled bird feeders. A downy woodpecker had complained about the lack of suet. I returned and the door wouldn’t open. It’s a storm door, not the proper door! How did that happen? How did it lock itself? 

But I had my keys, and went to the back door. Opened immediately with the key (bless WD40!).

Went to the kitchen and saw the problem: the hook had done a dance and fallen into the eye.  

In 29 years, this had never happened before. And somehow, the back door was accessible where two days ago, it had been inaccessible. 

This is how they work. They is the guardian angels and guides who work with us. We all have them.  But do we listen to them?  Their promptings are often subtle, or in disguise, meaning we may never know the reason for that random thought that, for example, we should take a different route home. Sometimes, we get a clue for that re-routing, like a car crash or first responders scene reported on the regular route.

Yesterday, I started out on a regular morning route. About 1/4 mile from home, I got a “prompt” to go a different way. Either way was fine (I thought), and it was Sunday so the schools were closed, no 15 mph speed limit zones or school buses to deal with on this other route, and I listened. I turned around and took the alternate route. Then I remembered. The usual route had a couple of spots where water accumulated on the road. It was freezing outside, and these areas could present a problem for drivers. Ice. I am not looking for a place to crash my car much less involve anyone else in such a scenario. 

I didn’t need to know I would need that back door lock to be fixed, because…. I needed only to hear, and listen, to the prompt and attend to it. Nice timing.

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