Reality Check


Penny Lane, so named because when I first saw her, her coppery color reminded me of a penny and the next morning, I couldn’t get the song Penny Lane out of my head, so she became Penny Lane. 

She was dumped at my kitchen door, about 11 pm on a 30º December night. Fortunately, my granddaughter was here. She heard the cries and came to wake me. “Grandma, there’s a cat, or something, outside the kitchen door…”  My response, through the haze of sleep, “Are you sure?”

And so I got up, and there was the kitten, crying. I set up a warm bed for her in the shed and went back to bed myself. Four years later, she is my reality check.

It was Sunday morning. I wasn’t that hungry and I had things to do. So breakfast was a waffle with butter and maple syrup. Carbs and sugar. Way down on the nutrition scale. But sometimes, my enthusiasm for a project causes me to forget about eating, and hydrating. The result is hypoglycemia, not noticed until I am about to faint. I don’t feel hungry or thirsty. Just exhausted and ready to fall down.The only thing I could do was lie down, and maybe nap, to wade through this episode. I should know better. I’m old enough to Know Better. This wasn’t the first time. 

So it was, after preparing a pasta dish, and a chocolate cake, not a special event; it’s just what I felt like having, one of the advantages to living alone. (Alone if you don’t count six animals.) I was wrung out, like an old rag needing to be hung up. 

I climbed up on the bed, feeling totally washed out. Penny Lane jumped up and came to me with the most nurturing a cat can give.

I looked at her and thought, you are my reality check. Whatever I had been doing was nothing compared with her presence and cat compassion. She rubbed against my hand, and settled in next to me, purring all the time, as if to say (and this is my interpretation), stay put, settle a while, rest. So I did. 

Each of us has a talent. It may be obscure, it may be transient, it may be of no use to anyone but ourselves. It’s true of animals too. Penny Lane has several talents, but her understanding and caring are foremost. Not bad for a stray foundling. 

She also helps with bed making….

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1 Response to Reality Check

  1. candidkay says:

    I’m really late to the party on this one but she is gorgeous! And I do believe they are furry angels, our animals. They come along to rescue us under the guise of us rescuing them.


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