The End is Coming!

Daylight Saving vs. Honoring the Timing in Nature

I hate Daylight Saving Time. There. I’ve said it. For all to hear, thanks to the internet and social media.

In the Spring, just when my body is easing into the beauty of longer days, a man-made law comes into effect that alters the natural rhythm of life.

A jump start into Spring is not ideal. Nature has its way of priming the path for itself. Honoring this transition is allowing things to work naturally. While the animals don’t seem to mind being fed an hour earlier in the Spring, their internal clocks have to be reset too. In the Fall, when we “fall back” and gain an hour overnight, suddenly they are being fed an hour later, which is much harder to reconcile with their tummy timing.

What bothers me just as much is that children have to wait in the dark for the school bus, again. And even more? That teenagers are required to be in school by 7:30 a.m. What kind of craziness is that for a teenager? Add DST in the Spring, and they have to get up, by their body clocks, an hour earlier! Studies have shown that teenagers do better academically with a school day start later in the day. Why would we interfere with that? To suit a school bus schedule?  What?  What’s our education system about anyway? The buses, or the kids?

Why do we have clock time? Convenience. And then lawmakers decide that clock time, being a human construct, is subject to alteration. Their alteration. Typically human: re-configure, even nature, to suit our purposes.

Well, some (perhaps many?!) of us are not served by such changes. If the human clock time is going to be altered, then let it stay the same all year around. Disruption to everybody’s schedules, not just locally, twice a year is, simply put, nuts.

Stop the manipulation and work with Nature as it is presented.

This year, Eastern Daylight Time changes back to Eastern Standard Time on November 3.  Two a.m. for those of you who are up at that hour. Don’t miss it.


Nature, on her own schedule


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