Values – Is Bling The Thing?

Decoration does not need to make a statement about cost. The ego shouts to the world, “Look at me!” regardless of monetary value. Native tribes might use body paint; other peoples may tend toward tattoos and jewelry.

Value in terms of money is a human construct, because money itself is a human construct. There is no innate dollar value to anything. An animal values its food, shelter, ability to navigate life and perhaps play, companionship and of course, sex. They probably don’t think about value.

Just because an item carries a large price tag does not mean the item is valuable. What is valuable to me may be of little value to anyone else.

My favorite gems are some diamonds (not all), sapphires and emeralds. I am not expert enough to determine market value. But I do know what I like, and what I value depends on what emotions are evoked by the item. Engagement and wedding rings may have market monetary value, by somebody’s standards, but their value to me is in what they represent. A small one dollar toy, a tiger, increased its value enormously when it created the title of my book, Finding The Tiger. That kind of discovery has what I call “Wow” value.

Appreciation of beauty is enough. Thus, my involuntary gasp on seeing a heron, my care for a few inherited items, and laughter at the antics of those creatures (including grandchildren) who choose to live with me.

Beauty, that which is in the heart of the beholder, is what I value, more than anything that has a high dollar price.


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