Armed and Ready to Shoot

I would be one of the worst witnesses the police could ask for observations. I am not a visual person. After six years of living with my partner, someone asked me if he had a mustache. I said, “I don’t know.”  I knew he had a beard but the mustache part escaped me. (Yes, he had a mustache.)

What I see, in my heart’s eye, is important to me. As a result, I often have a camera with me. Many years ago, a few of my photos were published in newspapers in Sydney  (Australia) and the urge to take pictures has never left me. Digital cameras have revised  photo shoots so remarkably that I no longer limit camera-toting to special occasions.

You may have seen some of my photo’s in my first book, Finding The Tiger, A Coming of Age.  My second book will be published, given the vagaries of publishers, “soon”, and will be 99% photographs. These are not your picture perfect photo-shopped photographs. You will see what I see, in an every day environment, and appreciate with the heart’s eye.

In the meantime, I am armed, with a camera, and ready to shoot.



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