From the What-We-Take-For-Granted Department:

Imagine having limited access to water. Imagine living in a village where the only water supply was what you personally carried from a local stream, river or perhaps a village pump.

We can’t live without water. And like so many things, too much of it can be fatal. This year alone many places have experienced more rainfall than usual and/or extensive flooding. At the other extreme is the dearth of rainfall where forest fires rage.

So why is it that, even at an age when the skin becomes drier, sometimes itchy with “senile pruritis”* and thus attracts less cumulative dust and dirt, I still stand under the shower, with variable temperatures available (!), at least once, preferably twice, a day?  Why do I do it?

Because I can. 

DSC01160* See Finding The Tiger, A Coming of Age, page 43.

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