Heart Songs

What is it that makes your heart sing?  Do hearts actually “sing”?

What is it that causes you to relax into a sense of well-being, of the world being manageable at least in that moment?

I no longer have the highs, or lows, that I experienced earlier in life. Some events make me sad, some make me smile or laugh, but few bring that wonderful sense of “aahhh…” 

Falling snow brings an “aahhh…” for me; it has done so since childhood and that has not changed. Which is not to say that I want to live in Alaska.

Seeing the white flakes drift from the sky is amazing to me. Watching the dogs try to catch snow flakes in their mouths makes me laugh. Watching the cats shake their paws free from the snow makes me smile. Watching the birds hunt and peck through the snow for seeds reminds me of their discernment and determination.

Yesterday, in good company and warmth, with a game of Scrabble, and snow falling outside, was one of those “if I died right now, I’d be happy” moments.

This morning, being warmed by the first fire of the morning (in the fireplace, thank you!), seeing the sparkling glistening of last night’s snow, made me think about other heart-warming events: watching the grandchildren graduate from high school; at a peak of fatigue, sliding into a really really comfortable bed; having electricity working without the generator; how the humidifier in winter keeps my hair from looking like a cartoon, and a dehumidifier in summer eases my breathing; Dave’s custom hot chocolate at Kimberton Whole Foods; some classical music. The phrase “to die for” applies here.

And then there are the herons of French Creek. They, like snow falling, truly bring peace to my heart and cause me to be glad to be alive.


See the chapter, “Miracles and Magic”, p. 128.






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