This morning, Anderson Cooper featured one of the difficulties of social media: lack of privacy. While it is up to the user to establish privacy settings, it seems that, given the right links, these settings can be bypassed. The red flag has been raised so pay attention. Over the past few years, I have Googled myself just to see what would turn up. Last week, it became very clear that not only was I there but my house was also. Granted, having a book published puts one in some kind of spotlight; being identifiable is one of the risks.

I cherish my privacy, am adamant about certain parts of my life being nobody’s business. The fact of the matter is: there is no privacy. If someone wants to find out about you, they no longer need a private investigator. The internet is the investigator, ever at the ready.

Your image is shaped by what you say, where, and how, and by your behavior as viewed by those around you. If it’s on the internet, it’s available to anybody. Opinions will be formed without recourse from you. So think about how you want to be perceived by the world before you submit that Post.

There’s a chapter in Finding The Tiger on this: Secrets (p. 156).

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