How To Make a Good Day Better

Route 113 is a local major two lane road. Driving south, I noticed what looked like a turtle in the northbound lane. I pulled into the first road and did a “u-ey”. In my rear view mirror, I noted someone else had slowed at the site. She also did a u-turn and stopped to block traffic on the north bound side. I pulled in behind her car, flashers on. We determined that it was a snapping turtle in the road.


Snapping turtles can be quick, powerful, and easy to “piss off”.  The woman grabbed a sturdy stick and started to try to maneuver the turtle across the road. Soon, there was a back-up of traffic on our side, when a south-bound pick-up truck stopped, facing us, and a fellow got out to help. Then a man in the car stopped behind my car, got out to help. Now there were four of us trying to maneuver this not exactly social critter across the road.


Finally, the deed was done. I think we all felt good about it, including, possibly, the Snapper. Maybe not so much the traffic halted for the procedure.

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  1. candidkay says:

    I love this! So much good in us. It may not be showing on the world stage at large, but we’re getting there . . .


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