A Tory Story, in pictures

This morning, I found Patch sleeping on a rocker, snuggled into two stuffed “teddy” bears. I have never seen him sleep there before. Next to the rocker, is a cat bed that he and Kaboodle used to share, but he rarely sleeps there since Kaboodle died last summer.



Kaboodle in the cat bed, January 2013


This morning, Tory was sleeping in that cat bed.


Tory has wiggled into the space that Kaboodle once occupied, and then despite having the cat bed to herself, Tory chose to move in next to her new best bud. It is heart warming to see Patch take Tory under his proverbial wing, after months of his wandering the house, crying in mourning.



And yes, they sleep together on my bed at night.

Life goes on.





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4 Responses to A Tory Story, in pictures

  1. tara Walker says:

    I love this!



  2. candidkay says:

    Oh, I love this. Warms my heart. I have always wished I could have two dogs to give mine some company, but she is a handful. Love that they are loving each other . . .

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  3. suemclaren24 says:

    I tried having one dog. Once. My former partner’s wife was a Shih Tzu breeder. Some time after his wife died, I inherited him and the remaining dogs. I had one old large (rescued) dog, trained as a therapy dog when the Shih Tzu line died out, of old age. We had gone from a 3-4 dog household to one so I got a husky/golden retriever rescue puppy to keep the old guy company, and then I had two dogs who thought they were young. When the old boy died, the “new girl” became, I felt, too reliant on me, so I got another rescue, another Shih Tzu, to keep her company… and thus I seem always to have two dogs, one large and one small. So far.

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  4. suezway says:

    Love this! It reminded of my cat – mia
    (She passed away few years ago)


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