Magical Thinking

My granddaughter was having major surgery to repair her hip, the first of two such procedures. Of course I was worried.

So I started using magical thinking.

If I wore the upbeat green pants and the frog shirt, everything would be fine.

If, after mowing the (wet) grass to distract myself and to enable seeing what needed to be scooped, I had a cool shower, and a nap, everything would be okay.

If, as I redressed myself, I wore orange underpants, no one would mess with me. Who would challenge a woman who wears orange underpants? Everything would be all right.

After the nap, and dressing appropriately, in orange underpants, I prepared some lunch, and made a new batch of iced tea.

And here is my point: we often don’t know, until there is a crunch, how other people affect our day to day lives.

Step 1 – I was worried for my granddaughter.

Step 2 – I needed to replace the iced tea supply, which reminded me of how often I had done that for my grandson and granddaughter. I used a special tea that I can only obtain locally at the store where my granddaughter’s boyfriend works.

Step 3 – recognizing that in a short time, my granddaughter had touched my life in ways I had not considered.

Now the news has come that she is out of surgery, they had to use only three screws instead of screws and a titanium plate, and she is doing well.

Magical thinking has its purpose.


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2 Responses to Magical Thinking

  1. Kerry Dibble says:

    Dear Susan,

    I’m so pleased to know that not only was the operation successful but not as invasive as the doctors thought it would be. That is the very best news! I’ve been thinking about Ariadne a lot for the past few days and have been so impressed by how she has coped with everything. I also thought about you and knew that you would be anxious. The orange underwear came in handy! OOH,la,la.

    Thank you for the news about the new Home of the Sparrow home for homeless mothers and their children and the shared housing which has been so positive. It is one of the very best organizations I’ve volunteered for and once again it shows what a few people can accomplish. Sadly, the married couple who started the organization,and stayed very actively involved, are both dead. Those of us who knew them, mis them, and think of them often and say a big THANK YOU! I like to think that they know and are happy about all the new opportunities.

    Please give Ariadne my love whenever you communicate with her,

    Luv, K

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  2. candidkay says:

    Orange underpants:). Love it. I have a pair I wear on days I need to feel like a tiger. So I get it!

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