Making The Connection

John Holland, a well known Medium, asks in his newsletter (Issue #196) of June 8, 2015, “Is a Loved One Sending You a Sign?

Not long ago, a dear friend died at age 95, without pain or suffering. Although he was in the hospital, he anticipated coming home, was fully cognizant, and won the Scrabble games with his son the night before he died. He had a full and productive life, raising three accomplished sons, with a long and successful marriage to one woman, Rose.

Sitting down to meditate the day after his passing, I heard a book fall on the shelf next to my desk. I looked over and saw only the first name of the author: James.

No book had ever fallen over on this shelf. There was no cause for the fall that I could perceive. James…

After meditation, I went out to the back terrace, and there was a single magnificently scented rose, in full bloom. Rose. No other roses were in bloom.

Parts of a puzzle were coming together. James was my friend’s son who died a couple of years ago; Rose was his wife, also deceased.

I cut the rose and took it to another son who is my neighbor. He and his wife understood the association I had made: there was a possibility that his Dad was trying to connect, even though his Dad had never expressed a belief in the powers of those who have crossed over. One interpretation might be that he was letting us know that he was with James and Rose. That’s how the three of us chose to look at it and be comforted.

The next day, I took another look at the book that had fallen: “Unfinished Business – What the Dead Can Teach Us About Life”” by James Van Praagh. A gift from a friend, I had not yet read it, but it seems to have been used as a connection.

Such signals can be easily ignored. James and Rose made sense to me and to the family.

When you experience the loss of a loved one, be alert to how they may be trying to reach out to you. You don’t have to be a Medium or go to see a Medium. Just look around, and make the connections. They are not coincidence. They are real.


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  1. candidkay says:

    I very much believe in connections like these!

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