The Power of Words, Song and Sound

Eli Kazan refers to “the unnoticed poetry that’s all around us” (see page 149 in Finding The Tiger). I translated this into “looking for the poetry that’s all around us” and started to apply it to daily walks with the dogs. This thought transformed the walk for me, and I started taking my camera because suddenly I was seeing so much I had not noticed before. All because of one man’s words.

Sixto Rodriguez, musician, song-writer, philosopher, poet, renovator, father, subject of the Oscar winning documentary, Searching for Sugarman:  his words and music became inspiration for a country crying to be freed from apartheid. Imagine that.

Words are Amulets

Talismans of faith

Guardians of belief

Sacred in their meanings

Power in their use

Symbols of persuasion

Tears of grief, tears of laughter

Songs of joy and celebration

From Finding The Tiger, page 8.

Words and sounds are tools of communication. Use them strategically, and meaningfully.



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