How Do You Read a Book?

How do you read a book? Do you start at the beginning and work your way through it? Or do you have some other technique?

I scan a book, flipping through pages, looking for words or phrases or photographs that grab my interest. I try to get a feel for the book, for its author as well as the contents. Something has to grab my interest or, even if highly recommended, the book will sit on the pile of Books I Want (or Think I Want) to Read.

I may start at the back of a book or magazine and work my way forward. Sometimes I start in the middle. Often, the middle of a book tells you a lot about it, because the middle is where you might find the mush, the filler content. You might also find something to spur you on.

In Finding The Tiger, A Coming of Age,  check out p.87.  It’s unlikely that you will spend much time on page 87. You can easily go forward or backward. You may find something of interest in either direction.

Happy exploring!


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