Sharing information but not TMI

An attorney told me once that he had seen families split apart when one person got Grandma’s cookbook. I think that’s nuts. These days, copying things is easy. I copied my own Grandmother’s cookbook, when after about fifty years, someone in the family said they really would like to have her cookbook. Well, why not? The sad part was that I had entered my own recipes on the same pages that were hand-written by our grandmother. I had a lot of graphic editing to do to remove my own scribble. In my twenties, I hadn’t recognized the resource I had; I treated the book as I would one of my own at a time in my life when I was not cognizant of the possible value to others.

Finding the Tiger was created out of a desire to share information. Like recipes, I believe that learning that can benefit another, should not be kept secret. (There’s a chapter on secrets.)

Finding The Tiger addresses life experiences and what has worked for me. Even, in a few places, what has not worked. Alas (!), it’s that learning curve thing.

But perhaps one might start with, what does that mean – Finding The Tiger? What tiger? Check out the chapter by that name. In the animals section, pages 60-62.

Finding The Tiger is available from,, and Barnes & Noble, soft cover (ISBN 978-1-4567-9784-3) and as an e-book (ISBN 978-1-4772-9626-4).

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1 Response to Sharing information but not TMI

  1. cynthia hutchison says:

    Dear Sue
    thank you for putting together this lovely treasure book. It is delightful to go through, kind of like a sweet shop….just grab a little taste of this and that….a nice combination of sweetness, wisdom, humor, the “human condition” and a bit of bittersweet too! i hope lots of people discover it!
    smiles and blessings, Cynthia


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